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Work Options for Nurses

In the medical industry, there are many work options for nurses and other healthcare professionals. We’ll be talking about the different locations a nurse can apply their skills in and help patients. The employment world for nurses is vast.


A popular prospect for Nurses is hospitals, this could be because they’re always hiring. Another great reason for job placement at a hospital is the experience right out of Nursing School. Usually, there are many different departments within a hospital that nurses can apply for. Some positions in different departments require a specialty certification and some don’t. The ones that don’t require much experience are outpatient positions. This means that if you’re a nurse working in this position, you’ll be dealing with patients before a procedure/ after the procedure is complete. 


Practices and their function for patients are extremely diverse. Anything from Endocrinology, to Neurology, nurses have a wide variety to choose from when considering working for a practice. Typically you usually need work experience before you apply for practice because they are so specialized. Here, you’ll be taking care of patients in the same way you do a hospital but you’ll be familiarized with the procedures of the practice.

Assistant Positions

Assistant positions work differently where you can go to school for only a few years and assist many medical professionals in different fields. Popular assistant positions are dentist assistants, orthodontic assistants, and other miscellaneous practices. The certification for these positions takes far less time but usually pays much less than a nurse would get paid. 

Whether you’re thinking about becoming an assistant or a Nurse, there are many options for you to choose from once you have completed certification. 

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