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3 Areas Where Home Health Aides Provide Expert Care

  • 10-01-2020

When you hear “home health aide” you may be inclined to think of an elder-care nurse assigned to the case of someone well advanced in age. While this is one legitimate scenario in which these professionals may serve in, registered nurses and therapists can provide expert care for a wide range of people and situations. […]

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Covid-19 IgG & IgM rapid test

  • 06-07-2020

Why Serology Testing / Rapid Test For COVID-19? Covid-19 serology testing will allow us to develop a better understanding of how the virus spreads and the true denominator to determine statistics like fatality rates. Serology tests use a patient’s blood, serum, or plasma to identify the presence of IgM and IgG antibodies. Serology testing allows […]

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6 Reasons Healthcare Staffing Agency Can Help You

  • 05-24-2020

There are so many benefits when working with a healthcare staffing agency, learn about 6 big benefits below. All nursing practitioners should be enthusiastic about their job opportunities, with the nation’s healthcare needs at an all-time high. But although it can be intriguing to switch jobs, no one has ever claimed it was easy. This […]

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