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Wouldn't You Rather Have The Clinic Come To You?

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Make Health Clinics & Records Simple With PROMED

Keep People

PROMED offers you a single-source online solution for managing and tracking student & employee health care, immunizations and test results. We can offer a custom plan to administer diverse health requirements for your campus or office.


Our Clinic Tracker is customized for each healthcare program your organization offers. Each campus or office has differing requirements for an individuals immunizations, titers and other tests, and Clinic Tracker keeps it all organized in one secure location.


Without the burden of having to orgnize your students or staff as well as maintaining records for every individual you can actually get back to the job you signed up for! With Pro Med you can get your time back to focus on things that matter.

We Understand Your Hassle Because We've Perfected This With Our Own Staff

Over 10 Years of Successful Clinics

Custom Plans to Fit Your Needs

Access to Qualified Medical Personnel

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Keep People Healthy, Stay Organized and Have Peace of Mind

Many campuses and businesses spend a lot of wasted time & resources organizing immunizations. With our team of qualified professionals we'll bring the clinic to you so you can stay healthy, organized and have peace of mind. Read More…

At PROMED Health Care Services we know that you want to be safe, compliant and organized on campus or in the workplace. In order to do that, you need to administer treatments and maintain records. The challenge is having to chase down and organize students and staff which makes you feel frustrated.

This is why we believe in working with you directly in order to provide a seamless way to organize your people and their records.

Ready To Streamline your Compliance Needs?

Ready To Streamline your Compliance Needs?

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Pro Med Tracking

PROMED Healthcare Services Clinic Tracker is ideal for Healthcare training institutions, such as Medical Schools, Colleges and Technical schools that need a structured system in place to process health and drug testing, schedule immunizations and titers, keep flawless records and produce professional reports.

Clinic Tracker is customized for each healthcare program your school offers. Each study program and curriculum has differing requirements for the students’ immunizations, titers and other tests, and Clinic Tracker keeps it all organized in one secure location.

Automatic immunization forecasts and On Campus Clinic scheduling are based on enrollment dates and student curriculum. Designed for efficiency, Clinic Tracker makes student data entry easy. Point and Click Reporting provides quick and easy procedure history and professional vaccination records.

Full vaccination and health record reports are at your fingertips to email, fax or print. Your students’ records will be up-to-date and ready to send to externships and employers, and your institution will be recognized for it's high-quality documentation and procedures.

Clinic Tracker offers the most professional and efficient way of managing health care with streamlined tracking and competitive pricing. Secure, Web-based data are customized to your access needs which means password protected user levels are determined by you. HIPAA privacy and security is ensured and you get the job done efficiently and professionally. Reduce overall costs by using Pro Med Healthcare Services Staff Management.

Convenient, easy and cost-effective: Pro Med Clinic Tracker is the answer. Contact us today to find out more!

Clinic Days

Coordinating student & staff appointments with outside vendors can be like sweeping water uphill. It is a never ending process. Whether it’s missed appointments or missing paperwork, the constant battle requires countless administrative man-hours.

Eliminate the problem with Pro Med Healthcare Services On-Site Clinic Days. PROMED Healthcare Services keeps everything in one place – your place.

Clinic Days Are All Inclusive
PROMED Healthcare Services Clinic Tracker schedules student & staff appointments in advance according to their enrollment date and curriculum requirements. A trained clinical team, including a Registered Nurse, comes to your campus for scheduled clinic days. All the supplies and equipment for injections, immunizations, titers, health and drug screenings and physicals are included. Real time data entry at point of service means that all documentation and records are immediately available to email, fax, or print.

Clinic Days Increase Participation
Do you currently send students or staff off campus to get their health screenings and immunizations? Do you pay for service that never happened with varied and inconsistent vendor invoices? Do you find out weeks too late that something was missed because someone couldn’t get to the vendor’s location? Pro Med Healthcare Services Clinic Tracker keeps it all in house, on campus and under control.

Clinic Days Offer More Than Convenience
With PROMED Healthcare Services Clinic Tracker at your fingertips, you have immediate access to each individual’s scheduled immunizations and titers. You know what procedures are needed and precisely when they are scheduled. You have access to up to date records without waiting. Standardized protocols mean reduced liability and increased efficiency.

PROMED Healthcare Services offers a multi-level pricing package to keep your costs manageable. You know ahead of time what each person needs and you get it done, conveniently on campus. Pay for exactly what you need and only what you need, with the schedules, documents and records at your fingertips.

Your student’s & staff’s health track is designed with your existing structure in mind. That means inclusive billing or individual payments on site can be accommodated to get the job done. PROMED makes it easy.

A streamlined approach to managing and tracking student & staff healthcare procedures: PROMED Healthcare Services


The most important communication tool is listening.

That is why we take the time to find out how you do what you do. Listening to you and your staff, learning about how your department operates is the first step. Understanding current processes, paperwork and record keeping tells us what issues and challenges need to be solved and the best way to do it.

Working along with you, we develop a diagnosis of your needs to ensure your custom solution offers the most efficient process to get the job done. The complete job. PROMED Healthcare Services offers your company the total process – with on-campus clinic days, tracking appointments and scheduling, with immediate access for processing reports and keeping records. PROMED Healthcare Services creates a custom program to do it all – Your way.

A process that works. Custom fit to your needs. PROMED Healthcare Services. An efficient, professional structure to keep things happening, when and how they need to happen.

Reduce the mountain of paperwork, eliminate the risk of an employee or student missing a required test or immunization, have all the records at your fingertips… PROMED Healthcare Services can do it all. One program, designed for you, the way you need it. The best solution is the one that fits your processes, meeting the needs of your curriculum, your students and state laws.

A PROMED Healthcare Services program is coordinated with the enrollment dates of each class. On campus clinic days are established with each class schedule, resulting in an efficient, professional structure to get it all done correctly, timely, and professionally… in one place. Accurate, professional records and reports are instantly available to print or email. Now for the best part…. It’s easy. Our custom program is made to be user-friendly, the way you need it to be.

Learning About You
At PROMED Healthcare Services, we understand firsthand the challenges of scheduling immunizations and tests for students in medical training programs. What we don’t know is how your specific institution operates. Which programs of study are offered and what documents do your students require? Where are the inefficiencies and roadblocks to getting it done? The answers to these questions lay the foundation for your ideal solution from PROMED Healthcare Services.

Diagnosis Of Needs
Once we understand current operations, we look at where you need to be. Reducing paperwork while keeping precise records is just one objective. Giving your institution a streamlined approach to get your students from orientation to graduation and beyond is the ultimate goal of Vision’s full service Healthcare Management.

Strategize & Design
After we study your current procedures and diagnose your specific needs, we create a strategy to give you the clearest path from A to Z. We design your custom program based on exactly what you need. No resources are wasted. Managing Student Health records will be as easy as Point and Click with Vision Clinic Tracker. A structured program for you, with documents and records easily accessible, and a simplified cost structure for a consistent budgetary planning.

Vision can process individual student payments right on site. Cash, credit/debit cards and even money orders all work at PROMED Healthcare Services Care’s On Campus clinic days. The program is designed to work with existing (accounting) structures. School billing or student payments are all options that make Pro Med Healthcare Services Care work.

Delivery means putting the program in place and adjusting it as needed for a perfect fit. Coordinating enrollment dates and study programs to schedule fully-staffed On Campus Clinic Days. Giving your administrative staff the necessary training to access shot records, schedule health procedures and produce the substantiating documents with maximum efficiency. It doesn’t end there – at PROMED Healthcare Services we are remain available to offer customer service and support long after your program is in place.

All inclusive Healthcare Management in an efficient, professional structure: PROMED Healthcare Services.

Competitive Edge

PROMED Healthcare Services offers a streamlined process to ensure your students have all the health procedures and immunizations necessary, along with the documentation they need to start a career in the medical field. Scheduling and record keeping are as easy as pushing a button with PROMED Healthcare Services’s custom Clinic Tracker program. Print, scan or email documents and records in a professional, complete package designed specifically for you.

With Pro Med Healthcare Services Management, everything is under your control!

  • No more outsourcing tests and procedures to a clinic across town
  • No more waiting for records from various sources
  • No more reconciling differing documentation practices

It’s all at your fingertips with PROMED Healthcare Services. On campus clinic days correspond to class enrollment dates and student needs. On campus clinics mean fewer missed appointments. Each student’s immunizations, titers and other tests are tracked and recorded in one secure database. Status updates and changes are a simple click of the mouse. PROMED makes it easy.

A convenient, efficient process ensures that each student finishes your program with exactly what they need to begin a career in the medical field. PROMED’s Clinic Tracker program lets you easily produce reports and documentation. Your organization will be known for providing students and their employers with accurate and professional records. Higher demand for your graduates means higher enrollment in your programs.

Increased demand + increased enrollment = your competitive edge: PROMED Healthcare Services.

Real Change, Real Outcomes
Expect a difference with PROMED. After a complete needs diagnosis and custom design, the program created for you will give your organization a structured, efficient system to produce consistent results, with the records and documents to complete it. A seamless health tracking program – under your control – at your fingertips. Schedule it, track it, document it – you get accurate and professional results with PROMED Healthcare Services.

People First
At PROMED Healthcare Services, we are dedicated to our clients. As we get to know you and your department’s needs, we establish personal relationships that last beyond software installation. We are here for you, ensuring your staff has all the training necessary to make your custom Clinic Tracking system work efficiently. When you call us, you can speak with someone you know – eliminating the all-too-common “help desk hassle” that sabotages productivity. You can expect friendly, personal service from your colleagues at PROMED Healthcare Services.

Quality Above All
Your reputation is built on the quality of your program and your students. Why gamble with outside vendors for your students’ health procedures? PROMED Healthcare Services gives you control over the process by keeping it in-house. Scheduling and tracking are at your fingertips. Shot records and test results are consistent and formatted to provide professional records to your specifications. Our program will deliver exactly what you need because it is custom designed for you.

Private & Confidential (Safe data)
The PROMED Healthcare Services Clinic Tracker program maintains all information in a secure data center. This web-based technology gives you instant access to clinic schedules and health/immunization records. High security and back up protocols eliminate the risk of lost information. No additional steps are required on your end to ensure HIPAA privacy and security compliance.

Comprehensive Solutions According To Your Needs
Healthcare training programs are varied, as are the required student health procedures with each course. That is why every PROMED Healthcare Services Clinic Tracker program is a custom fit. You get what you need, the way you need it. A structured program for an efficient process, designed for you. PROMED Healthcare Services is the solution.

The Bottom Line Matters
PROMED Healthcare Services can reduce overall costs by eliminating outside vendors. Keep everything in-house and under one easy to use program. On campus clinic days and an efficient tracking program can save time, energy and headaches. Reduce time spent coordinating with outside vendors for scheduling students and receiving health and shot records. Eliminate lost paperwork with an organized tracking system designed for you. Produce professional records to send with students upon graduation. Departmental budgeting is easy with one set price and one invoice for all services. You know what to expect ahead of time. Efficient, professional, structured: PROMED Healthcare Services.

Pro Med On-Site Clinic Is Great For These Solutions

Preventative Care
Titer Blood Tests
Skin Tests
Health Screenings
Drug Testing
Measles, Mumps, Rubella
Tetanus / Diphtheria / Pertussis
Chicken Pox
COVID Testing
Blood Borne Pathogens Education
And More!
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