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Nurse Managers How To Mitigate Nurse PTSD (Covid-19)

Nurse Managers can help nurses that may be struggling with PTSD.

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Nurse managers, as leaders know that great leadership comes with being aware of your team and being supportive. With the stress of Covid-19, many nurses are struggling and will struggle in the upcoming months from the weight that has been on their shoulders. As a leader, your job is to work your way through the muck of catastrophic encounters to see the humanness of stress and react to it. Right now, many nurses are experiencing traumatic stress that can lead to PTSD.

At this time, more than ever, our team wants us to realize that this coronavirus encounter has shaken our world. 
Not only are our workers worried, long-term equipment shortages and long hours of work, they also face intense 
tension and concern about what’s going on in their personal world.

Learn more about a few ways to support your staff by mitigating the stress!

  • Recognize that all nurses hold this human condition together; together, we will build hope.
  • Maintain understanding to support workers to be mindful of stress do not ignore to encourage us not to reject stress
  • Understand and inspire nurses to monitor everything. Encourage opportunities for nurses to assist their workers in such difficult times.
  • If necessary, give some time to heal from stress; receive advice from the team on how to execute program. 
    One unit created “walk across the parking lot” break by establishing break buddies to follow them from secure distance. Nurses are very creative!
  • Enable the imagination of the team to generate solutions that can help to alleviate everyday tension. 
    My recommendation is to write publication. Would the Critical Care Clinical Paper be? Probably. 
    reasonable starting point will be to send all the workers little journal to report at least one of three items that went well in their change. Or have whiteboard in the breakroom so the workers will express their positive feelings on the transition.
  • Know for everything you’re doing for your employees, you do need to do for yourself. Carry on your own breathing mask first!

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