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6 Ways to support our healthcare professionals


More then ever we need to stand behind our healthcare professionals as they sacrifice so much for our country! Learn about 6 ways we can help them during Covid-19!

1. Share a social-media shout out to nurses.

Knowing you appreciate their dedication and care enough to thank them will give you the strength to face another change in your life to an exhausted nurse.

2. Donate what supplies are available.

Such as gloves, surgical masks, or hand sanitizer — please call your local healthcare facilities to see if they could use a donation. If not, ask what you can donate instead.

4. Call a local unit to arrange for a take-out delivery.

Be mindful and first reach out directly with a unit manager to arrange this, as COVID-19 can live on surfaces! Some hospitals may not allow outside deliveries but directly from restaurants! Be sure to ask before you do anything!

5. Donate on GoFundMe. GoFundMe is teeming with people who need financial assistance in the wake of COVID-19. Check out:

6.  Drop off groceries, essentials, and supplies to their house.

Do you know nurse? Chances are they haven’t been able to do lot of shopping recently and many online grocery buying capabilities have been closed down momentarily as stores catch up and restock. Now might be perfect time to see if any nurses you know need to drop few supplies to their home.

They’re just like us and never forget it!

Bear in mind that nurses are human too. And last but not least, let us note that, just like anyone else, nurses are going through this with heightened challenges. I’ll be the first to say that nurses are more than ever our real-life versions of superheroes, but let’s not forget they aren’t superhuman.
Nurses, particularly those who are currently working on the front lines — need to be told that we understand the challenges they face, the uncertainty that they’re only going to work, and that nobody expects them to risk 
their own safety for our own.
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