Radiation Oncology


Radiation Oncology Clinical Staffing

Pro Med Healthcare will provide immediate relief with some of the finest healthcare professionals that offer effective leadership, immediate help, support, and guidance. We combine established relationships, authenticated processes and technology with healthcare professionals to achieve the finest results quickly for Oncology Treatment Center clients and Radiation or Medical Oncology.

Our Pro Med Healthcare team has over 60 years of combined experience providing permanent clinical staff for their expansion needs or replacement. We are able to find the best and the brightest talent available so they can continue to provide the best treatment for your patients. Our team also can provide locum staff during the search period, so you can maintain a constant level of support for you medical staff and patients.

In addition, our Pro Med Interim/Locum team can provide temporary staff during short or long periods when you to cover vacations, maturity/medical leaves or during those search periods so at all times you can maintain a constant level of support for you medical staff and patients.

Radiation Oncology Professionals:

  • Directors of Medical Physics
  • Center Directors
  • Administrators
  • Program Managers
  • Radiation Oncology Physicians
  • Medical Physicists
  • Dosimetrists
  • Ready Remote Dosimetry
  • Radiation Therapists

Our locum Physicists, Dosimetrist’s or radiation therapy resources can also be provided to cover medical, maternity leaves, vacations or any other reason for which you may need non-permanent staff.

In addition, we offer for those clients that need a more flexible PRN like staffing solutions we provide Remote Services in Dosimetry and Physics.

Radiation Oncologist

Physics and Dosimetry
Varian Truebeam Machine

Physician Staffing

At Pro Med we understand the how critical the need for Physicians and we have an ample supply of available locum resources and Physicians who will consider permanent positions throughout the US.

Oncology Management and Leadership

Because of our ability to provide high-quality clinical staff many of our clients have asked for our help to locate and hire management and leadership level talent for their organizations. The Pro Med Team’s relationships with the highly successful leaders in our network of professionals the, “passive candidates”, we can bring for consideration those who will, for a variety of reasons, never respond to an internet posting or position description on your web site. They trust us to contact them when “something special” comes open.

Contact us today to start the process to start the search for your new Leadership career.

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