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Pro Med Healthcare Services, established in June 1998, has achieved tremendous organic growth over the past 18 years. Pro Med has established four separate divisions since being founded and this has fueled its growth into very specialized healthcare service sectors. Pro Med has always focused on being a very diversified company, but also being very specialized in its efforts to be exceptional at client service and employee satisfaction. The four divisions include our Nurse Staffing, Home Health, Career Placement and Government Divisions.

We believe in specializing our efforts to best suit the needs and desires of our clients and field personnel. You will find that in each division of Pro Med, there is a specialist to create a relaxed and comfortable working environment that will provide unmatched exceptional service to you.

We recognize that it’s your life, your schedule and your career. Our company has always been built around our field employees and the dedicated internal employees that make being a part of the Pro Med team a first class experience.

Pro Med is Florida’s finest privately held medical staffing company. Our nursing division specializes in hiring Critical Care, ER, Med/Surge, Extended Care Facility and all other types of specialty nurses to supplement the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, group homes, doctor’s offices, correctional and industrial facilities. Pro Med also specializes in hiring nursing assistants for Hospitals, ALF’s and Extended Care facilities as well.

Pro Med Healthcare Services assists nurses and nursing assistants in finding a rewarding career or supplementing your current income with a high pay wage and a flexible schedule. We understand that you may be looking to pick up a few shifts a week or month, or you may be looking for a medical staffing company you can finally call home. In either case, we hope Pro Med is your choice. We offer many benefits that make it very convenient for you to become a Pro Med team member. Our simple approach of putting you first is our ingredient to building successful long- term relationships with you. You are what matters to us! You are what keeps us in business!

So let Pro Med take you on a journey that takes advantage of your skills and expands your knowledge to horizons never seen before. To inquire about Pro Med’s features and benefits click on the Benefits tab.

Pro Med Healthcare Services is dedicated to the profession of nurses and we are striving to do our part in alleviating the nursing shortage by offering flexible schedules and high pay rates. In addition, our success can be directly attributed to our dedicatedNurse Recruiters, HR Specialists, Field Personnel, and management. We know nurses.

Our Mission

– Leadership –

We believe that the best ideas and decisions are made from the bottom up. Those who are on the front lines, and closest to the issues and our customers are those who lead our company. Our managers feel strongly that the best leaders are servant leaders: they serve those who they lead and remove obstacles to ensure the success of those who report to them.

– Teamwork –

Above all else, we’re a team, and we’re in this together. When problems arise, it’s all hands on deck to ensure that the team and the company are as successful as possible. Pro Med belongs to you and to all of us as a family. It’s our job to be a positive influence on each other and everyone that we encounter. Our bonds go far beyond the typical “coworker” relationships found at most other companies, and that’s a key part of what makes us strong and unique as a company.

– Integrity –

All other values are built on a foundation of integrity. Integrity is being honest with others as well as yourself at all times. It’s what allows us to trust those we work with and be trusted by those we serve. We will always do what’s right, regardless of the circumstances, even when no one is watching.

– Passion & Determination –

We never settle for “good enough” because good is the enemy of great. The sense of urgency to our clients and those we staff is what drives us, and our passion and determination are contagious to everyone on the team. It’s exciting to know and see that everyone you work with has an enormous impact on the larger dream and vision of the company. We set and exceed our own high standards, constantly raising the bar for ourselves and competitors.

– Creativity & Innovation –

Creativity is about ideas; effective creativity is about ideas that work. We’re all about having the freedom to be innovative in solutions to problems we encounter and, in the process, we end up discovering new, more efficient ways to better serve our clients, staff and team.

– Loyalty –

Loyalty is a two-way street: we can’t expect to receive loyalty from our clients, those we staff or our peers if we don’t practice loyalty ourselves. We work harder for each other when loyalty is a factor in our relationships. We watch out for each other, care for one another, and go above and beyond for everyone because we believe in and trust each other.

– Accountability –

It’s a fact of life that we will all inevitably make mistakes. In fact, if you’re not making mistakes you’re most likely not working toward any type of goal. It’s how we handle those mistakes that determine who we are as people. Taking responsibility for your actions and being accountable for what you do is the first step in correcting mishaps.

– Urgency –

Maintaining a sense of urgency to our clients and those that we staff is about more than working at a fast pace. It’s about understanding and empathizing with each individual situation and being able to react to it in a way that makes the client or candidate feel special and tailored to. We believe in service excellence and embrace the philosophy that there’s always room to improve in everything that we do. Going out of our way to make ourselves available 24/7 to those that trust us is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors.

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